Why Choose Phida

Why Phida?

People have doubt, for the first time to buy, why to choose and buy from PHIDA LIGHTING.

Would you please stay 1 min to know more about PHIDA LIGHTING ? Thank you.

China Entertainment Technology Association, PHIDA is the Governing Unit.

In this Association, there are also well-known suppliers, you may call their names, like Guangzhou PR-LIGHT, Guangzhou YAJIANG, and Guangzhou GTD.

PHIDA, established in 1992, re-union in 2005, is over 30 years in producing Stage lighting equipment.

PHIDA, all series products are available for CE certificate.

PHIDA, made in Foshan, light up the Stage.

PHIDA, your trustful manufacturer.

Our Company

About Phida

Phida is always making a better light for your wonderful life & healthy environment.

Phida Lighting, is widely used in Theatre, Studio, Opera, Museum, Conference Hall, Multi-function Hall, Stadium, Concert, Outdoor Events, DJ Disco clubs, Restaurants, etc.
Phida, to be your next partner for Sound & Lighting solutions.

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