Whether you want to highlight specific areas on the stage or illuminate a performance venue, LED spotlights are the ultimate solution to fulfil these requirements. Without these lights, we cannot present a fascinating environment to our audience.Some people are unaware of these lights. As a result, their spots fail to grab the attention of tremendous views. If you want to exert a substantial impact on your viewers, you have to utilize LED stage spotlights.

LED stage spotlights


If you want to know more about spotlights, look no further. In this buying guide, we will provide your desired information.

So let us get started!

What are the professional stage lights?

Every spotlight has a different purpose in its installation. Some have to set the mood of the audience. On the contrary, others are used to setting a particular scene on the stage. Based on setups, spotlights fixtures are divided into seven forms.

  1. Ellipsoidal
  2. Followspot
  3. Fresnel
  4. PAR Can
  5. Floodlight
  6. Cyc Light
  7. Strip Light

Whenever you go to buy professional stage lights, you must have known its purpose. Moreover, you can get advice from a professional stage lights supplier before getting a decision about purchasing stage lighting equipment.

Tips for buying the led stage spotlight from overseas

No doubt, whenever you buy a specific thing, you spend money on it. The case of spotlights has no exception. Therefore, you have to think carefully before choosing spotlights. For your convenience, we have grasped a few tips that can help you to purchase quality spotlights.

  • First of all, you have to read the history of a supplier.
  • Secondly, check how many projects have been completed by a potential LED spotlight supplier and what ratings are given by clients to it.
  • Thirdly, explore its experience such as how many years a supplier has presented its services.
  • Fourthly, read led stage lighting packages available on a supplier’s website.
  • Fifthly, search about its competitors’ price of LED lights with the transportation expenses and compare it.

Why you should choose Phida as your led stage lighting supplier?

Do you need a led spotlight? Phida is the best choice to choose for buying spotlights. Some of the identical pros of Phida are presented below to give you an idea about the authenticity of this LED lights supplier.

  • From 1992, Phida has been supplying spotlights like stage spotlight with stands. So, it has approximately 30 years of experience in this lighting field.
  • Based in China, it has accomplished hundreds of national lighting projects.
  • It supplies high-quality lights for Theatre, Opera, Museum, DJ Disco clubs, Stadium, Concert, Studio, Outdoor Events, Multi-function Hall, Restaurants, Conference Hall, etc.

If you want to get deep dive into the products of Phida, visit the stage lighting page here, and you will successfully find its product catalogue.

In addition, if you have any queries related to the LED stage spotlight, you can contact Phida through email or by coming into our physical location, Factory Address: No.8, Row 5, Xiyue industrial zone, Chancheng, Foshan, Guangdong, China. We’ll reply to your questions as soon as possible.